Chain Pharmaceuticals is researching developing Phytocannabinoid Medicines that enable healthcare professionals to optimize patient treatments.

CHAIN Discovery

The Cannabis plant produces more than 400 bioactive molecules. The challenge is to make purposeful efficient drugs in a reasonable and cost-efficient time frame from such a resource.


The HealChain app empowers its users to take control of their health and their data. By allowing cannabis patients to share their own real-world data in exchange for accurate, timely resources related to their conditions, HealChain unlocks the value of personal health information.

Chain Pharmaceuticals

Our Vision is to be a leader in decentralised and personalised phytochemical based healthcare solutions through an innovative portfolio of AI refined pharmaceutical products.

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Press Release
15. November 2022

Chain Pharmaceuticals GmbH Announces Its Phytocannabinoid Drug Discovery Platform

Company Will Pursue Drug Discovery of Market-Authorized, Finished Pharmaceuticals that Address Demand for Personalized Therapies Frankfurt am Main, Germany – November 15, 2022 – Dr. Pierre Debs, Ph.D. announced today…
Press Release
15. November 2022

Chain Pharmaceuticals GmbH kündigt Arzneimittelforschungs-Plattform für Phytocannabinoide an

Das Unternehmen wird die Entdeckung von marktzulässigen, fertigen Arzneimitteln vorantreiben, die die Nachfrage nach personalisierten Therapien decken. Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland,15. November 2022: Dr. Pierre Debs, Ph.D., gab heute die…