Patient Stake Principle: a new ethical standard ensuring patient control and ownership over health data used for biomedical research and development and commercialisation 

Imagine if Henrietta Lacks, whose HeLa cells paved the way for numerous lifesaving advancements in medicine, had received fair and inheritable compensation for each cell used in biomedical R&D…

The industry now has the tools to make this concept both a reality and a standard 

This free whitepaper explains:

  • The importance of Real World Evidence (RWE) created by Real World Data (RWD) in biomedical Research and Development (R&D) and unlocking its value through the Patient Stake Principle
  • How potentially life-saving therapies can be researched and trialed with a much higher potential of success, saving huge amounts of time, resources and money
  • New technologies that enable each and every individual to have control over their health data – allowing secure, anonymous sharing and fair compensation

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