The HealChain app empowers its users to take control of their health and their data. By allowing cannabis patients to share their own real-world data in exchange for accurate, timely resources related to their conditions, HealChain unlocks the value of personal health information.

Based on the decentralized, patient-staked principle of sharing outcomes created by patient data analysis in medical research and development with the undisputed owner of the data – the patient – HealChain transforms the notion of “sharing is caring” into “sharing is caring and earning.”

HealChain will provide cannabis patients with personal data banks for complex collection, secure storage, and advanced AI analysis of healing steps, linked in individually efficient pathways back to health. Patients have full control over the usage of their health data for preclinical, observatory and clinical research projects relevant to their profile.

The more data shared in the HealChain platform, the more personalized information received: from potential individualized treatments to active clinical trials. And the more data shared, the more income based on patient stake principle is generated on your personal HealChain account. In turn, your information and experience can help others find a fast and efficient path of healing from the same conditions.